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It is a very good computer program for putting words and images on paper. That is what it is designed to do. Everything else is added on and may not work as well as other programs. In Word those controls are in the menus and toolbars.

In Word you reach them through the Ribbon tabs.

Thesis theme footer menu

When working on a major project and trying something new, consider working with a copy of your document. Let's start with some basic tools to let you peek under the hood and see what Word is doing with your formatting: Reveal Formatting and display of non-printing formatting characters.

Checking Formatting - Word's Reveal Codes It can really help to peek behind the curtain and see what is really happening. Word and earlier A good way to spot formatting problems is to use Word's "Reveal Codes" substitute: I always figured that it was for explaining Word features and controls, but it also explains formatting.

In this case, the message was helpful, even if cryptic Character Formatting: To change the pointer back, use the Esc key. A screenshot is shown to the left. It responds to your mouse. If you click on text, it will show formatting information about that text.

At the top it shows what has been selected and lets you check to compare to another selection. It breaks it down into Paragraph-level and Font-level formatting and, if you check the option to do so, shows whether that particular formatting is a part of a Style or was directly applied.

Checking the box to distinguish style source is a very good idea. The headings in the Reveal Formatting pane that look like hyperlinks are shortcuts that open the formatting dialogs that can change the setting concerned.

If you are looking at formatting from the Style and want to modify the style, click on the link for the style as in "Character Style" or "Paragraph Style" in the screenshot and then click to modify the Style.

The Character Style applied is "Citation.

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The text was also directly formatted to be Garamond typeface. From the Quote Style it gets 0 indentation left and right, is left-aligned, has spacing after the paragraph of 10 pts, and line spacing of 1.

The paragraph is also directly formatted to be fully Justified and have left and right indentation of. Ordinarily this would be at the Body Text level; this was set as an example. These Formatting levels could be collapsed. Section-level formatting is not applied through styles and handles margins and orientation as well as other options.

Here is a video that explores use of the Reveal Formatting pane. The pillcrow is the Hide-Show non-printing characters button. In menu versions of Word it is on the formatting toolbar.

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Showing these marks is the only quick method that lets you see paragraph marks, manual page breaks, manual line breaks, tab marks, spaces and section breaks. The symbol on it is the pillcrow which is used by Word to designate an end of paragraph mark. The reveal formatting pane above demonstrates a big difference between Word and many other programs.

That is the use of paragraph indents to change the distance from the left and right edge of the paper rather than changing margins.

More on this later. The simplest is to click on the new document icon on the standard toolbar.Basic Formatting Techniques in Microsoft Word. Note: I am in the [slow and intermittent] process of rewriting this chapter for Ribbon versions of Word. Best Thesis Skins: For thesis theme bloggers who want to have beautiful website designs, Thesis Skins are very useful for those WordPress thesis bloggers.

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