Operational risk management case studies

Other Airbus Group The Airbus Group, a global leader in aerospace, defense and related services, was formed from a number of existing European companies, each with a different approach to risk management.

Operational risk management case studies

Risk Management Executive Summary Life is filled with risk. While it can never be eliminated, wise individuals and organizations dedicate resources to mitigate risk to keep potential losses under control. In business, risk management has traditionally been synonymous with insurance.

Clearly such a shotgun approach to problem solving has major drawbacks including the potential for inefficient use of available resources. Also in IT, there tends to be a focus on two subsets of risks - malware and data recovery. This can often lead to the exclusion of other risks that should also be focused on.

On the other hand, too much risk management can burn up resources better invested in other areas, so a balance needs to be struck.

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Resources need to be allocated carefully to achieve maximum risk mitigation at minimal cost. The importance of network management to many areas of IT operational risk management is often neglected. Certainly its role in managing potential network problems such as switch failures and overloads is a major reason for investing in network management software.

However, it also Operational risk management case studies have a role in identifying other potential problems including the download of inappropriate material on business networks and prioritizing various classes of network traffic for optimal business performance.

In a world in which even sub-second delays in transactional traffic can cost, these can be crucial elements to address.

This paper focuses on risks associated with IT and, in particular, network operations. It presents a three-step approach for identifying, rating and planning an overall IT operational risk mitigation strategy.

In the process, it outlines the business case for network monitoring as a key player in that strategy. Classifying It Operational Risks The bad news: The goal of risk management is to identify the problems that can and should be managed and to reduce those exposures to a level that the business can accept.

This leaves residual risks that can be accepted as a cost of doing business. For small-to-medium sized enterprises SMEs some unlikely but potentially devastating risks might have to be accepted because the business lacks the resources to mitigate them.

Operational risk management case studies

Unfortunately, small to medium IT organizations often take a threatbased approach to security without any real forward-looking risk management. Network-borne computer viruses become a threat, so IT installs anti-virus software; intrusions become a threat, so IT installs a firewall to protect from the outside, and so on.

Operational risk management case studies

This approach has two major problems: First, it is myopic: It focuses on just a subset of the total risk portfolio - usually those with technology fixes.

Second, it is piecemeal and reactive: It needs to take a step back and develop a risk plan. Risk Classes IT faces three major classes of operational risk: Many of the remedies to these problems are also technologybased, but strong policies are also important.

Enforcing a rule that portable devices run strong firewall and anti-virus systems is an obvious policy.

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Another could include a rule that employees cannot install their own uncontrolled, and often unprotected, WiFi nodes.

Legal and Personnel Risks These include compliance issues such as preparing for possible legal discovery requirements which might include email collection for civil suits; employees downloading inappropriate material from the Internet which could create hostile workplace suits; and potential sabotage or espionage by employees.

These kinds of threats are harder to manage because technology cannot provide clearcut solutions. Strong personnel policies and good management are keys to mitigating these risks.

Managers should be trained in good management techniques. The presumption that a good employee can be promoted to management and automatically become a good manager is a common mistake. However, network management can also provide clues to some potential problems. Natural and Man-made Disasters Floods, earthquakes, large storms — while much less likely occurrences, can be devastating.

Defining adequate strategies for managing these risks is one of the most difficult tasks of risk management. A variety of strategies are available at different prices and with varying levels of protection.

They should be judged in the context of the overall situation of the business. However, disaster management should start with common sense. In both cases the importance of the network, including the Internet last mile, becomes central to delivering those IT services to the business.This course introduces the concept of Operational Risk and discusses events that trigger losses.

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Case Studies. We’re proud of our customers’ Enterprise and Project Risk Management case studies and the success they’ve achieved. Active Risk helps to drive business performance by allowing our customers to take more risk. Leading Indicators for Operational Risk: Case Studies in Financial Services Guy Ford, Macquarie Graduate School of Management Maike Sundmacher, University of Western Sydney adopted a scorecard approach for operational risk management is ANZ Bank (Lawrence & Hurrell ).

Describes a comprehensive approach to operational risk management that includes data collection, modeling and an overall risk management structure; 3 Case Studies Learning Objectives Introduction Categories of Operational Risk Lessons in . May 15,  · While each case study emphasizes various risks (including market, liquidity, and credit risk), are they ALL examples of Operational Risk Failures??

Recent Case Studies. Southeast Alabama Medical Center transitions Medical center drastically reduces contract turn-around time and increases Learn more.

Integrate your operational risk management program and improve your organization's risk culture.

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