Nursing history essay

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Nursing history essay

National Institute of Nursing Research NINR History of the organization The National Institute of Nursing Research is a body mandated with the principal responsibility of carrying out research that relates to the nursing and medical field in general.

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The institution dedicates its effort to improving the health and health care of Americans through funding of nursing research and research training. The involvement of the federal government led to the formation of the research institute as early as The federal government established a division of nursing within the office of the Surgeon General, Public Health Service.

The purpose of this Study Section was to conduct a scientific review of the growing volume of applications in the nursing sector. Ina consolidation of the public health service led to the formation of a new division of nursing, which later changed its name to Health Resource and Services Administration HRSA.

From the early years of its formation, the institute's goals and objectives was to build and support a firm foundation for nursing research. The majority of the institutions founded during these years established predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship programs to train independent nurse researchers.

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According to Macnee and MacCabe from s, nursing began to realize the importance and need for theoretical foundations for nursing practice and research. Research focus also had to change from the study of nurses toward the study of clinical care that the nurses provided.

Macnee and MacCabe explain that nursing faculty changed to teaching the research process in baccalaureate nursing program. The institute also supports the teaching of new investigators who are responsible for new ideas and endorsement of further study programs.

The federal government provided the funds necessary for research and exchanging of nursing information to all parts of the country. Legislation to finally integrate and establish the research institution took place in Researches in and concerning the need to integrate nursing research into the mainstream of biomedical and behavioral sciences forced the passing of the legislation in The main purpose and mission of the Nursing Institute is to promote and improve the health of American individuals, families, communities and the general population.

The purpose is to support research and research training in health and illness across an individual's lifetime in relation to the environment. A study by Nyamathi and Koniak shows, the National Nursing Institute has designated minority health and related health disparities research as the institution's priority.

The institution incorporates these policies and plans in the institution's mission statementstrategic plan and allocation of resources. To achieve its mission and objectives, NINR research programs incorporate and utilize a broad range of interdisciplinary approaches that promote scientific explorations leading to better health outcomes and health services.

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Clinical intervention studies, translation and implementation research methods are among the approaches utilized by the institution to implement its objectives. The mission statement specifies the modes and ways of funding researches that promote health equity and focus on eliminating health disparities to underserved and resource-limited communities in the nation.

As one of the main agendas addressed by the mission statement, the institute seeks to improve knowledge of underlying biological systems, which includes the contributions made by genetic and genomic symptoms and health conditions of individuals and society.

The national institute's mission and objective place more emphasis on research training for cultivating the knowledge and practice of younger nursing generations. Training and learning opportunities are available for both students beginning their research careers as well as those seeking to advance their knowledge and research expertise.

Through collaboration and integration of various disciplines especially in areas of mutual interests, the institute is able to deliver its mission and goals more appropriately. According to Daly et allthe mission of the national institute are to foster a clinical research and innovation that provides a scientific basis for the care provided across the life span of an individual.Nursing is and always will be a very important career to is often called the oldest of arts and the youngest of history of nursing is synonymous with the history of women, becausethey were considered born nurses''.

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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. The disciplines of philosophy, religion, education, anthropology, social sciences and psychology positively impact nursing (History of Nursing Science, ). According to The History of Nursing Science (), the individuals impacted by these disciplines are the ones who deliver nursing practice.

Below is an essay on "History Of Nursing" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The History of Nursing Prior to the state of nursing worldwide was substandard/5(1).

Nursing history essay

The History Of Nursing Knowledge Focus Nursing Essay Introduction. McCurry et al () discussed the disciplinary perspective in nursing using the individual good and social mandate of nursing. They argued that the existence of a profession is to meet the society’s need and that such need can only be met based on ‘specialised knowledge’.

The History of Nursing Essay Words | 4 Pages The History of Nursing Many people believe that Nursing started with Florence Nightingale, however nursing itself dates back to the beginnings of motherhood when nurses were traditionally female.

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