Like white elephants essay

Early life Hemingway was the second child and first son born to Clarence and Grace Hemingway. Both were well-educated and well-respected in Oak Park, [2] a conservative community about which resident Frank Lloyd Wright said, "So many churches for so many good people to go to. As an adult, Hemingway professed to hate his mother, although biographer Michael S.

Like white elephants essay

As the man and girl are enjoying their beers, the girl begins to express how the line of hills in the distance looks like white elephants. I just meant the coloring of their skin through the trees.

Their conversation is boring and testy at first as they talk about their drinks, but once they begin talking about the situation, it soon becomes clear that the man is pressuring the girl into an unspecified operation.

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Though there was never any proof, their conversation strongly implies that the operation the man is talking about is abortion. The girl got bothered by this discussion and then asks the man to stop talking about it. The story ends with the man asking the girl if she feels better and the girl is quick to respond with "I feel fine.

Hemingway reveals that difficult or uncomfortable situations can lead to a lack of communication between the ones experiencing the discomfort. The man and the girl are the main characters; actually they are basically the only characters, in this story. Before they get on the topic of the operation, the Ritter-2 man does not seem too worried about talking it out with the girl.

The girl on the other hand, seems to be somewhat bothered because she keeps making remarks that seem to refer to her pregnancy. Her pregnant stomach is like an unwanted gift that someone pretends to like or want.

Hills Like White Elephants – Assignment Example

They were white in the sun and the country was brown and dry. These metaphors also allude to infertility, "the country was brown and dry Hemingway makes the reader believe that the man is older because he is referred to as "man" and the girl is referred to as "girl" as opposed to "woman".

Both of the characters are flat characters because they both lack details and development. Could we have another beer?


The conflict in this story is whether or not the girl should abort this baby. It could be a conflict within the girl, or a conflict between the girl and the man. She has to decide which is the best choice for her, while the man is there pressuring her to go through with the operation. The man and the girl rarely look at each other and look at other objects like the table and the hills.

This shows that tension exists between them.

Like white elephants essay

In addition, one should note that the girl states that everything tastes like licorice. This shows that she is sick of the lifestyle they lead, which involves nothing more than RitterThe title, Hills Like White Elephants, is symbolism at its best with its hidden meaning.

The hills that Jig admires in the story represent her pregnancy which is part of her decision. The White Elephants are a reference to fertility, so put together, the title equals out to be Jig herself. “Hills Like White Elephants” opens with a long description of the story’s setting in a train station surrounded by hills, fields, and trees in a valley in Spain.

by Carol Black “In Wildness is the preservation of the World.” Thoreau says it in “Walking,” and Jack Turner, in his exquisite collection of essays, The Abstract Wild, questions how many of us have any idea what it means. People often misread the quote, Turner points out, as “In wilderness is the preservation of the world;” but Thoreau did not say that preserving wilderness. "Hills Like White Elephants" is a rich study in human communication. Intense, focused, and concentrated, the story depicts a couple at a crisis point in their relationship. Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, , in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. His father, Clarence Edmonds Hemingway, was a physician, and his mother, Grace Hall Hemingway, was a were well-educated and well-respected in Oak Park, a conservative community about which resident Frank Lloyd Wright said, "So many churches for so many good people to go to.".

A man known simply as the American and his girlfriend sit at a table outside . "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway, is a story that takes place at a train station in Spain, where an American man and a girl, whom he calls Jig, drink beer while waiting for a train to Madrid.

"Hills Like White Elephants" is a rich story that yields more every time you read it.

Like white elephants essay

Consider the contrast between the hot, dry side of the valley and the more fertile "fields of grain." You might consider the symbolism of the train tracks or the absinthe. The table below presents an abbreviated geologic time scale, with times and events germane to this essay.

Please refer to a complete geologic time scale when this one seems inadequate. Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants Essay - Analysis of Hills Like White Elephants “Hills Like White Elephants”, by Ernest Hemingway, is a short story published in that takes place in a train station in Spain with a man and a woman discussing an operation.

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