Left in the lurch essay

Is that sound you hear the Democratic Party moving left on taxes?

Left in the lurch essay

Campbell is the executive director of the West Texas Food Bank, which serves 19 mostly rural counties surrounding Odessa.

An estimated 5 million to 7 million people nationwide would be affected by the proposed restrictions, and as many as 1 million people could be forced off the program in the next decade, the Washington Post reports. The proposed rules would require those individuals to work at least 20 hours per week regularly within a month of joining the program, or risk being booted from SNAP for 12 months.

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Though parents of children younger than 6 would be exempt, anti-hunger advocates say the tighter restrictions would waylay working-class families, especially in small-town Texas, where a country-to-city exodus has caused some rural economies to flounder.

In Texas, SNAP participation is slightly higher in less populated areas than in big cities, a trend attributed to rural poverty.

The problem, the thinking goes, is that we make it too easy for people not to work. Midland Republican Mike Conaway, who chairs the U. The most recent U. Department of Agriculture review of the programs, conducted infound that the programs were mostly unsuccessful.

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But Cooper and other critics say scaling up training programs for the estimated 3 million people who suddenly will be required to enroll will be a herculean task for states.

Christopher Collins is an Observer staff writer covering rural Texas.More than users at Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan were left in the lurch when Inacom pulled the plug on operations.

Resources/White Papers Inacom leaves users in lurch. Inacom Said. Most Recent in Essay: 1 Heads in the Mud.

2 The Day the Windows Shook. 3 Women’s Work. (SNAP) could be left in the lurch by lawmakers’ get-tough-on-freeloaders rhetoric.

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With the details still being hammered out, various State agencies re bracing to make immediate change. The Department of Aging, Medical Review Team, Department of Health, Department of Child Services, Department of Corrections and many other will be directly affected under Beamer and are all left in the lurch waiting for details.

Left in the lurch essay

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