How to write a soap opera bible

Soap operas quickly became a fixture of American daytime television in the early s, joined by game showssitcom reruns and talk shows. They become like a family, and the viewer becomes emotionally involved.

How to write a soap opera bible

Get Updates The Need Millions of Christians in the Global South need help to understand the Bible as a whole, with Jesus as the central character and the gospel of grace as the main message. But Global South Christians and church leaders often come from a strong oral culture and have the strengths and learning skills that are inherent in oral cultures.

Understanding how the Bible fits together with Jesus and his gospel of grace at its heart. It needs to be relevant, and not focused on reading and writing, internet access, or a computer.

How to Become a Soap Opera Writer: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

It covers the whole Bible through familiar characters who experience life issues that illustrate Bible passages and stories. Each episode presents a key point in the Bible and is followed up with interactive questions and helpful explanations.


It is popular, accessible and affordable. There are game elements included also with the quizzes and the potential for recognition and reward for groups achieving high scores. The drama requires very little literacy to participate.

Indeed, a story is a natural way for this audience to learn. Our research has shown that soap operas are very popular in places like Africa, across gender. It fits with the technology learners have access to.

how to write a soap opera bible

The majority of poor Christians in the Global South already have a computer: This is indeed a personal, mobile, and networked computer, as they have unrestricted access to it, they have it wherever they go, and it connects them to the world via a two-way communications device.

Combining this radio broadcasting, This opens up exiting opportunities for education, given the right format. The drama and panel audio can each be distributed via different channels: Broadcasting the 5 minute episodes on the radio while podcasting the panel for those interested may be a cost-effective format.

Using the mobile voice network, while incurring higher variable costs, would be a low cost of narrowcasting where there is little internet access. Audio is much cheaper to produce than video, which lowers the upfront costs and thus risksas well as lowering the barriers to translation into other languages.

Clothing, skin colour, housing, etc. This makes the drama usable across cultures. The drama can be listened to while walking or cooking.

This would be welcome by those poor people with less control over their time. Church leaders could be equipped by providing extra support and interaction when a church engages as a whole.

Although the drama can benefit individuals, this could be particularly effective when a church engages as a whole. Indeed, we hope that individuals on the ground who engage with the drama might be the catalyst for their church partnering as a whole. He developed the initial concept and brought together a team to develop it.

He is passionate about using technology in innovative ways to provide theological education to christians in developing countries. He has been researching the potential of mobile phones for education for over five years. He is an author of several academic papers in his field, with educational analytics as one of his interests.

Soap opera essay bloopers

Prior to Kenya, he worked as a doctor and managed a medical practice. Tim Roediger is our web developer and gamification expert."Think of the Bible as a soap opera," chirped Ms.

Fields, my scripture teacher at Catholic high school. While her sales pitch met with a few giggles and guffaws at . I still do not get this whole "writers being inspiration" to write thing.

Why An Infographic Version?

I just have a need to write, that's it. Soap operas were a new thing to me when we moved to the US and very soon I was tired of them. A soap opera is an ongoing drama serial on television or radio, featuring the lives of many characters and their emotional relationships.

The term originated from radio dramas being sponsored by soap manufacturers. When it comes to Bible study methods there is a lot of them. Simply one of the most well-known ones is the SOAP Bible Study method.

There . How to Use the SOAP Method of Bible Study S – Scripture: Choose verses from the Bible passage read, record the reference and then copy the verses down. You will use these verses for your focused SOAP study and .

Jul 21,  · Edit Article How to Become a Soap Opera Writer. Two Parts: Honing Your Craft Getting Hired Community Q&A A soap opera is a serial drama that focuses on multiple related characters, their lives, their hardships, 93%(15).

Michael Offutt: Writing A Soap Opera Novel