Disaster in franklin county 2 essay

However more emphasis is being placed on population-based public health and disaster preparedness. Public health nurses now have an awareness of vulnerable populations in the community, who may be at risk in times of disasters.

Disaster in franklin county 2 essay

Press enter to begin your search Disaster in Franklin County Essay 0 The function of the major public wellness forces. The public wellness manager was contacted by the incident commanding officer to go to the incident briefing due to immediate and long term public wellness impacts.

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The fire head gave study refering how many people were confirmed dead. He made the public cognizant if any risky stuffs had been released and where and whether the risky stuffs squad had been dispatched.

Disaster in franklin county 2 essay

He besides notifies the community of countries of implosion therapy. The fire head besides informs the populace that the program for hunt and deliverance has been initiated. The deputy manager sets up the incident bid centre and does the caput count of available respondents.

The most ideal forces were non wholly available ; there were an appropriate figure to put up subdivision heads and bid staff. Need essay sample on Disaster in Franklin County Essay? Actions taken by the community wellness nurse when she encountered possible exigency state of affairss during the door-to-door interviews was to Calm and triage households and offer reassurance and direction on safety.

The public wellness forces had to cover with multiple jobs both during the initial period and after the immediate danger had past. Actions taken by the community wellness nurse to assist the people who were interviewed header with the state of affairss after the implosion therapy were: To set up for direction on safe usage of generators in English and Spanish.

To do agreement for medicines to be delivered the following twenty-four hours. Techniques that were used or could hold been used to quiet the frights of the people interviewed are to utilize short and concise statements.

Disaster in franklin county 2 essay

Perform active hearing and confirm statements by reiterating it back to the individual being spoken with. The other nursing forces could be prepared to assist in reacting to a similar exigency with a much larger affected country e.

Through the development of a well-organized catastrophe response program. Emergency preparedness preparation should be performed at least every six months. There needs to be a method of communicating in instance power lines.

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Morse codification and e-mailing. Community nurses should hold auto stock that includes protective cogwheel PPE such as N mask.

Knowledge of the basic stairss that are needed to take to guarantee patient safety. Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: Public Health Emergency Preparedness.Disaster in Franklin County Katherine Helm Western Governor’s University May Role of the Major Public Health Personnel In the event of a disaster, the community relies upon the public health personnel to evaluate the needs of the community, assess the available resources, provide reliable information, and coordinate health activities.

Disaster in Franklin County The Role of Health Personnel and the Public Nurse The major role of the public health personnel in a disaster are varied and included the immediate safety and well-being of the members of the community, as well as attention to potential future long term issues.

hat 1, task 4/ disaster in franklin county hat 1, task 4/ disaster in franklin county 2 In the event of a disaster, the Community Health Nurse is frequently the first responder on the scene.

Disaster in Franklin County Jennifer Wadsworth Western Governors University Disaster in Franklin County Role of Major Public Health Personnel The roles of major public health personnel must be delegated properly in a disaster situation in order to .

The role of the major public health personnel, including the public health nurse, is to provide the public with accurate information, and to assure the community, as well as ensure the immediate safety and well-being of the members of the community, while being competent compassionate and accessible.

Disaster in Franklin County Tina Wixon Western Governors University-Washington Community Health Nursing Subdomain Disaster in Franklin County Section A. The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has a large Chain of command.

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