Conversion of cng to hcng better

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Conversion of cng to hcng better

What is propane and what is LPG? The problem in the Temperature control valve. The physical space is extremely limited, and the only Control valve I can find which will hook up without "adapting" just happens to be set up for NG and has a rating of 4"WC.


What does this pressure measurement mean? Is it the "upstream" pressure of the orifice?

Conversion of cng to hcng better

Engage a professional if you have doubts. Yes, propane is dangerous but so is gasoline.

The 1998 Directive of the Supreme Court

But we are so used to using gasoline that we have forgotten just how dangerous it is. Any time you place a large amount of energy in a small package: I am an engineer and recognize that if we want to move something from place A to place B, it takes energy.

The real challenge is to store, control and utilize that energy in a safe responsible manner. So, for safety, the gas company adds an odorant, mercaptan, to the natural gas before it is distributed to their customers.

The distinctive smell you associate with natural gas is actually the mercaptan to make the dangerous leaks easily detectable. If the expansion is at the orifice in your appliance, any water in the gas has the potential of freezing.

Therefore both gasses must be dry, free of any water to avoid blockage due to ice formation. The molecules of both gasses are made up of atoms of hydrogen and carbon.

When they burn, water is produced, which can cause rusting of burners and exhaust systems. The real danger for either of them in an accident is the possibility of breaking off the valves or fittings releasing large volumes of toxic and explosive gases.

The reason for cooling LNG for transportation in large ships is to keep the pressures down so that less weight is needed for the containers. With properly designed and maintained tanks, neither product is more dangerous than the other in a accident, it is the pipe fittings and valves that are of concern.

Seems like a lot, if I only use it December through March, and I may decide to not stay there during winter, and would only need heat in a rare case.

Why Aren't Natural Gas-Powered Long-Haul Semi Trucks Selling Better?

I thought I would change to propane if I need to heat the entire house. I bought a 20 pound tank from a junk yard and it came out of a camper. It was full of gas and I assumed it was propane.

Conversion of cng to hcng better

The fitting had left hand threads. Could it possibly be natural gas? We bought a heater and its fitting goes right into the fitting on the bottle counterclockwise. We just don't want to blow ourselves up. One has to live on. I live too far out to get gas service.

Both are explosive when they cannot escape. My thoughts are that safety is at the top of any priority.It was also found that CNG HC (Unbrunt) Hydro Carbons operation with sequential port injection achieved lower HCNG Hydrogen(18%) and CNG blend BSFC and better fuel conversion efficiency compared ms mili seconds to mixer type of CNG operation in carburetor system mep mean effective pressure of .

Which is better CNG or Petrol to the serve the purpose of energy conversion? With the advancement, our life even seems to have been merged with tough schedule.

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So, the traditional mode of cooking and communication has been replaced with the time. Learn why is CNG better than other fuels for our future. CNG United offers Training, Kits, Tanks and more. 5 Reasons Why You Should Convert to Compressed Natural Gas; State Laws and Incentives; About Us.

CNG United in the News! Natural Gas Conversion Systems - CNG Training School. The better use of natural gas: Waste Management pushes forward on CNG fleet conversion January 19, Tyler Natural gas is inexpensive, seemingly plentiful and much cleaner-burning when used as an alternative to diesel fuel in transportation fleets, so it makes sense that Waste Management is converting its entire North American fleet to run.

Sep 12,  · U must know that LPG conversion is banned, coz it can lead to explosions of vehicle sometimes when used,,so u only hv one option to convert ur vehicle to CNG, anyway CNG is a better option too than LPGStatus: Resolved.

Because of the availability of CNG vehicles, many energy company and government fleets have adopted CNG as their principle alternative fuel for transportation. Meanwhile, recent research has shown that blending hydrogen with CNG (HCNG) can reduce emissions from CNG vehicles.

Natural Gas vs Diesel – Points and Figures