Art sarcophagus

SmartNews Keeping you current Egyptian Authorities Open Sealed Ptolemaic-Era Sarcophagus Rampant speculation about what was inside the black granite tomb has swirled since the relic was first discovered at a building site in Alexandria Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities smithsonian.

Art sarcophagus

According to Ayman Ashmawy, an official at the ministry of antiquities, the sarcophagus was found in a hidden tomb five metres below the ground.

Art sarcophagus

Archeologists also found a large alabaster head, which may belong to the owner of the tomb. The sarcophagus is cm tall, cm long and cm wide, and is believed to be the largest ever found in Alexandria, a city on the northern coast of Egypt.

Beyond its size, the discovery is significant because the coffin is still sealed. For thousands of years, similar Egyptian tombs have been plundered by grave robbers, so when archeologists have made similar discoveries in the past, sarcophagi have often been found ripped open.

But this one has likely been sealed for more than 2, years.

Art sarcophagus

The city of Alexandria had been mostly forgotten by researchers and archeologists, according to the Smithsonian. Despite its past splendour, the monuments, architecture and ruins of the past had disappeared as the city of more than five million people was built on top of them.

But in recent years, the Smithsonian wrote, researchers have delved into urban archeology, sweeping layer by layer through the city and working around the modern architecture.

Since doing so, archeologists have discovered the ruins of the university where Greek mathematician Archimedes studied, and an ancient lighthouse. The newly discovered sarcophagus will remain under constant guard as scientists work to solve the mystery of who — or what — is inside it.Archaeologists are preparing to open a large black granite sarcophagus unearthed in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria.


At almost two metres high and three metres in length, the sarcophagus is. Amunet (born 89 or 88 BCE), born Aya of Alexandria, was the Greco-Egyptian co-founder of the Hidden Ones and by extension, the Assassin Brotherhood alongside her husband, the Medjay Bayek.

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A giant sarcophagus dating back years ago has been discovered in Egypt alongside an alabaster head. According to Sky News, the sarcophagus measures cm (in) long, cm (72in) tall, and. The Cobbs Auctioneers is a professional family-owned and operated auction house with a passion for preservation, stewardship, and history who are dedicated to the discovery and sale of antiques, fine art, and cultural objects.

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